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Dr. Aline Saraiva Okello

Thank you very much to organisers, sponsors, conveners and presenters! I really enjoyed the conference, and I must say, in future a hybrid model could be used, where the conference continues to be shared online. This opens up the floor for many other interested stakeholders to attend, which would be otherwise limited by the time and resources required to attend the physical meetings. As a woman, scientist, water researcher, and mother, I have not been able to attend Waternet for the past few years due to major logistic challenges, even though I've always longed to. But now I could finally attend, and I believe like me, many others could have challenges because of time, finances, childcare, etc. If we want to hear more diverse voices on the table, specially from youth and early career scientists, we should indeed consider the format for future events. Keep up with the great work Waternet team!

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Mr. Kaganga John

I be so happy to attend waternet symposium as an Innovator for Community Road Water Harvesting,Management and Conservation for the first time,those who want to know more about me:Kaganga John from Uganda;Email:,you can also visit:

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Prof. Michelet Montina

We are very happy to attend this year. Prof. Mochelet Montina, CEO of

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Mr. Govind Kumar Job ke liye only
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Ms. Sharon Mutamuko Moderator When you go to program schedule, the times shown on the home page are in South Africa Standard Times (SAST). Please click on the specific session to view the time in your specific timezone. We encourage you to add sessions you are interested in to your calendar, so that you do not miss it (it will automatically be added to the calendar in your specific time zone)
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Sharon Mutamuko WaterNet symposium has gone digital and adapted to the "new normal" of doing business unusual.
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Ms. Sharon Mutamuko Moderator So sad that we could not meet in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe this year.
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